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Cross border staffing (CBS)

Network and processes to find talent through well-known, esteemed partners.

Lack of competent employees or a need for a large number of professionals encourages organisations to recruit employees from abroad.

Attracting foreign employees is a significant means of employment for Finland because of its demographic development and the ensuing shortage of labour. Foreign professionals bring new types of competence to working life. They help workplace communities become more diverse and multicultural.

Cross-border staffing (CBS) involves the recruitment of foreign professionals for customer organisations as agency workers. StaffPoint is an experienced provider of CBS processes in northern Finland, for example, particularly in tourism and industry and in the seasonal, catering and construction industries. In the tourism sector and seasonal industries alone, StaffPoint has employed professionals from 20 countries.

Cross-border staffing also includes services other than the hiring of an agency worker. The service is always customised to the customer’s needs. The service can include arrangements and induction provided in the employee’s home country, as well as travel and accommodation arrangements, and permit preparations in Finland in cooperation with the authorities. The service can also include training in the Finnish language, community networking services and support for daily life. Spring House, which is part of the StaffPoint Group, is a highly valued provider of training services for immigrants and in multiculturalism. Our service can be supplemented with services provided by Spring House.

StaffPoint develops CBS processes in line with its customers’ needs. The goal is to develop the hiring of a foreign professional into a successful, reproducible and scalable HR solution for the customer organisation.