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Interim Management

Interim Management is a cost-effective, professional and fast solution for demanding situations.

An interim expert (interim manager) participates in company management for a fixed period of time – usually 6 to 12 months. Interim managers don’t appear any different from the company’s own employees, whether seen from outside or inside the organisation.

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Interim Management is a viable option for leading your company through a critical transformation period. The cost difference between using the Interim Management service or hiring a temporary manager is insignificant. The Interim Management revenue model adapts to changing management responsibilities – you won’t have to pay for unnecessary hours! The Interim Management service also releases the company from employer’s responsibilities.

StaffPoint’s Interim Management service takes into account the special characteristics of the Finnish business life and market environment, but utilises a high-quality process and methods proven to work globally.

We combine the process with our strong experience of both staffing and executive recruitment. We have a wide network of competent Interim experts.

The Interim Management service is worth considering in the following situations:

  • Transformation and crisis situations where there’s a need for objective change management.
  • Unforeseen personnel changes: An Interim expert can start without delay and serve as a manager during the transition period, until a permanent solution arises.
  • When management responsibilities change, for example, due to project-based assignments.
  • Growth: A company hires a seasoned expert to speed up growth. An Interim Manager may be someone with expert knowledge of an area important for the company, such as stock market flotation.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: The acquired company is often expected to improve its profits fast. In this situation, the Interim Management service can offer a seasoned manager with just the right background.
  • Our Interim Managers represent several different industries and have experience of different functions.

Examples of our Interim Management assignments:

CFO, Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Head of Internal Communications, President