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Leadership Review

Leadership Review is a strategic leadership tool for the board or the CEO.

A company’s future performance should be assessed on a regular basis. A more critical assessment is typically undertaken when the market outlook becomes uncertain or financial performance weakens. Also a positive trend calls for critical assessment.

Leadership Review provides an objective, outside view on the company’s current state of leadership and management and on the key personnel’s competences in relation to the company strategy. The focus is on future requirements related to each of the company’s key functions.

The assessment process is carried out using several independent methods, data sources and tools to map the executive management’s current skills and knowledge.

The assessment is conducted as a seven-step process, which begins with a joint workshop with the customer. The objective for the workshop is to identify a specific target for the project, including 3 to 4 key questions and 5 to 7 strategic competences. Having a specific target ensures that all parties can commit to the project, that the recommended actions are appropriate, and that the candidates are evaluated fairly. This is the best way to guarantee that the right positions are filled with people with the right competences.