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VeKO Project Newsletter June 2020

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Spring House Oy's Attractiveness Through International Experts - (VeKO) -ESF project, launched in April, develops innovative and practical services to alleviate the shortage of experts in companies in North Savo.

To achieve the goals, the project is divided into three work packages, which are implemented by a project team with diverse expertise and extensive networks both in North Savo and nationwide. The project contributes to the preparation of the future North Savo Talent Hub ecosystem.

Soft-landing service package

In addition to the entire project, project manager Tanja Manner is responsible for the soft-landing service package, which supports the receptivity of companies and the integration and engagement of international experts within local firms and to the region. At the same time, it facilitates the settlement and integration of international experts and their families in North Savo. The aim of these actions is also to increase the attractiveness of the region in the eyes of international talents.

Tanja Manner has extensive expertise in immigration-related issues from the perspective of governmental services: she transferred to the position of project manager from the position of Eastern Finland’s Regional Coordinator for the nationwide Kotona Suomessa project. Tanja has also worked in the MOK project of the North Savo ELY Centre, which recruited immigrants, and was employed as well as an immigration expert in TE services and has experience in the private sector from her former home country, Germany. Tanja moved to Kuopio nine years ago.

“We want to develop the most effective solutions possible so that companies and business communities have the necessary skills to recruit, receive and guide international talent. In addition, international experts must have the comprehensive information they want on integration support services”, Tanja Manner says.

Expert needs, competence identification and guidance

The aim of the second work package of the project is to create models to support the recruitment process for companies. These will allow to determine more precisely the skills needs of companies and the competence profile of those to be recruited. In addition, the identification of talent’s skills will become more efficient.

Responsible for this package is Mirka Niskala, who has diverse skills and work experience in international mobility services at universities, as well as with immigrant work in the public and private sectors, e.g. as an immigration coordinator, career coach and integration trainer. “Many international talents would like to find employment in North Savo but have to move elsewhere in search for work. Making greater use of their skills and potential would serve the needs of companies in the region and enable talents to be employed in jobs that match their skills”, emphasizes Mirka Niskala.

Regional cooperation

The third work package of the project focuses on the promotion of regional cooperation. Marco Rigano is responsible for this part, having worked in the planning workgroup of the future Talent Hub project in North Savo already before the start of the VeKO project. Marco is an Italian integration specialist and innovation expert as well as content producer, who moved to Kuopio about ten years ago. He transferred to the project from the ELY Centre in North Savo, where he worked on the Talent Boost program. Marco is also responsible for developing the project's innovative tools and solutions as well as talent collaboration.

“Our project contributes to the development of North Savo Talent Hub as a one-stop-shop that brings together integration services in the area under one umbrella”, Marco Rigano emphasizes.

The opening seminar for the VeKO project and workshops related to the themes of the work packages will be organized during the autumn.

“Companies that want to develop models to solve the shortage of experts in North Savo are already committed to our operations. Firms interested in development work can feel free to contact me”, urges project manager Tanja Manner.

The Attractiveness Through International Experts project is funded by the European Social Fund and the South Savo ELY Centre.

Additional Information

Soft landing service package
Tanja Manner, Project Manager - tel. +358 44 901 6290

Competence identification and guidance
Mirka Niskala, Project Specialist - tel. +358 44 722 7747

Regional cooperation, innovative solutions, international talents
Marco Rigano, Integration Specialist and Innovation Expert - tel. +358 45 788 17096