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Frequently asked questions

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1. How do I apply for a job?

Take a look at our open positions where you can apply directly to a certain job. If you want to apply for multiple jobs at the same time or are not sure which job you would like, start by creating a candidate profile for yourself. If you are a Ukrainian looking for work via Security Through Work project which aims to employ Ukrainians and other refugees in Finland, please create a candidate profile on It is easy and fast to do, and you can fill in more information on your profile later. If you are an international talent looking for work in Finland otherwise, please leave your open application via Talent Adore.

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    2. What if I want to apply for multiple jobs?

    When you have created a candidate profile, we start matching you with many potential jobs that match your skills, experience and interests, which you have described on your profile.

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      3. What if I don’t know which jobs I want to apply for?

      Don’t worry, we will help you with that by looking for jobs that match your experience, education or skills.

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        4. Are all available jobs visible for me in StaffPoint website?

        We have many new available jobs every week and some of them might not be visible on the website immediately. Therefore, it is good to create your profile so you won’t miss out on any potential jobs!

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          5. Do I need a CV?

          Yes, sending your CV is a typical part of recruitment process in Finland. However, you can create your candidate profile without a CV first, but we highly recommend you write a CV and add it to your profile soon. All Finnish employers want to see a CV to understand your skills and experience better. Your CV doesn’t need to be fancy, only a list of your contact info, your education and work experience, any specific skills and interests plus your language skills.

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            6. Does my CV need to be in English / Finnish?

            Most Finnish companies do not have employees who speak foreign languages, such as Ukrainian or Russian, so it gives you an advantage to have yours in English so they can understand it. It is easy for you to translate your CV by using free online translators on internet, for example.

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              7. What happens after I have created a TalentPoint profile?

              We will read your profile info, call you with some quick questions (10-15 minute phone call), and then invite you to a video interview to introduce yourself. Based on all this, we will present your skills to potential employers who are looking for talented people like you. If they think it’s a great match, they will either interview themselves (phone/video/face-to-face meeting) or might even want to offer you the job based on your experience.

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                8. What is typical in the Finnish recruitment culture?

                In Finland, the employers appreciate candidates who show great interest in the job and the company. They want to know that you will be a great member of their team and what you look for in a job. Salary is typically discussed only later when they make you the actual offer for the position. Sending your CV when you apply for a job is a standard process in Finland as Finnish employers want to give everyone a fair chance for the available job.

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                  9. What if I found another job, how will we agree about me leaving my current job?

                  In case you have found another job, you can always resign from your current job. You can check how long the termination period is from your Employment Agreement. Typically the termination period is 1 month.

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                    10. Could I speak with employer or with StaffPoint?

                    You can call our team if you have any questions or send us email at You will meet the employer at the interview and will have a contact person after that who you can turn to with questions.

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                      11. What approximate amount of salary I can reach?

                      Each industry in Finland has its own base salary and mandatory level of minimum salaries typically regulated by the Collective Agreements. You can see some statistical data.

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                        12. Do you have employers who can provide housing?

                        Housing is not a standard part of the employment package. However, there can be some cases where we or the employer can help you find suitable accommodation close to the working facilities.

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                          13. Do you offer internships or training?

                          We focus on finding full-time or part-time employment for you, not internships which usually have smaller salaries. There are some projects where you can be invited to a job-related training before the start of the employment to help you success better in your work.

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                            14. How long does the recruitment process usually take?

                            Each process is different and it depends on the type of work you are searching for. Once you have been invited to an interview, you should hear the final decision within 3 weeks. It is also good to be proactive and contact us if you want to hear how your process is going.

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                              15. Do I need to have a working permit for Finland/EU region?

                              As a rule of thumb, it is preferable that you already have a working permit to Finland before arriving or starting your job hunt. We at StaffPoint don’t generally apply for work permits on behalf of job seekers – although there are some exceptions to this in specific cases. Read more about how to apply for a work permit: