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Vocational and joint-purchase training

Through a TE Office, jobseekers can attend vocational workforce training provided by Spring House, our coaching company. The training provides the participants with better capabilities to find a placement in working life.
Spring House provides a diverse range of vocational workforce training (e.g. joint-purchase training and training based on employers’ recruitment needs) in different parts of Finland. The topics of the vocational training include customer service and sales, the services sector, and business and project skills, for example. This training is available through TE Offices.
For its corporate customers, Spring House provides training towards vocational qualifications in supervisory work and sales, as well as in catering services (waiting staff and cooks), in cooperation with educational institutions.

The personnel coaching business function is responsible for the provision of training for corporate customers. We also offer language training tailored to the needs of foreigners with a residence permit who are working in various sectors in Finland.

Spring House is an experienced provider of workforce training. Our level of customer satisfaction is high: 91% of the participants regard the training as good or excellent.