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Saima Soft Ltd - More time for what’s important with reliable software

The software house Saima Soft Ltd, develops innovative and value creating HR management solutions using the latest methods and tools.

Having access to Saima Soft's software development in-house is one of the cornerstones of the StaffPoint Group. Since 2001, Saima Soft has provided its clients with solutions that help streamline their HR processes. Thanks to its long experience of the personnel services industry, it knows the needs of the companies utilising HR services and takes these into account in its operations and software development activities.

Saima Soft uses agile software development methods, which enables us to introduce to our clients new service options brought on by the constantly changing environment. The company develops new software modules specifically for the modern and popular myStaff platform.

The IT development of the StaffPoint Group is managed by the CTO Lauri Kukkasniemi.