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Are you ready to aim at a leadership position and become a popular boss? The characteristics of good leadership are many - after all, it's a demanding and varying job. That's why it's more important to find those strengths that make YOU an excellent team and process leader. This is what our seasoned leadership coaches have to say about the subject.

"The difference between a good leader and a top leader is in how well they communicate and interact."
"A good leader has a genuine desire to work as a supervisor and role model and offer related services."
"A good leader keeps enough distance from and stays close enough to her team."
"A good leader spurs on her team, but also expects them to work according to the company's goals and strategy, showing appreciation."
"55% of a supervisor's work consists of the supervisor managing herself."
"Only once you know how to lead yourself will you be able to lead others."
"Leading by asking questions is the way to reach the goal."