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Career coaching provided by Spring House, our coaching company, is an effective route for jobseekers towards meaningful employment and a motivating career.

During career coaching, the jobseeker is provided with guidance on career and training options, for example. Career coaching lasts for 1–40 days. The target groups include people who are planning to change careers, people with no vocational training, jobseekers in the process of choosing a career, and jobseekers returning to working life, for example. This service is available through TE Offices.

The jobseekers participating in our career coaching find employment, a new career, a training option or another way – such as starting a business – to be actively involved in the labour market. According to a national feedback system, around 49% of the participants report having secured a placement after the coaching. Of the customers, 92% regard the service as good or excellent, with the total score being 4.4.
Coaching by Spring House, an experienced service provider, meets the customers’ requirements for high quality.