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Ten facts about agency work

1. Staffing is a win-win-win situation for the employee, the employer and the client

An agency worker is recruited and hired by a personnel services firm, who then becomes the employer. However, the agency worker works at the end client's service and premises. The employer enters into a staffing service contract with the client.

An authorised personnel services firm, such as StaffPoint, takes care of the agency worker's salary and employer obligations in a responsible manner and in compliance with the law. The client, however, is responsible for the worker's induction into the work and the workplace and for his or her supervision.

2. Agency work can be much more than just a series of short-term jobs

Short-term jobs have long since ceased to be the only possible way of working in the personnel services industry. Personnel service firms offer a route to both full-time and part-time employment. Our job contracts are either permanent or temporary. Sometimes, though, short-term jobs are the best fit for the employee's personal situation.

A person who's been hired through us may later on become the client's permanent employee. Our services are also increasingly used to hire people directly to the client's payroll. That means that we help our clients find good employees to join their workforce, no staffing involved.

3. Wages always meet or exceed the level specified in the applicable collective agreement

Claims that personnel service firms try to con people belong to the 20th century. The wages we pay always meet or exceed the level specified in the applicable collective agreement. As a reliable employer, we comply with legislation and ethical guidelines and principles. We are a member of The Private Employment Agencies Association HPL.

4. Agency workers are also entitled to holiday pay

Agency workers accrue annual holiday according to the same provisions as other employees. If the employment period is very short, there may not be enough time to take annual leave. In such a case, annual
holiday is replaced by holiday compensation paid upon the termination of the employment relationship.

5. Sick pay is as specified in the applicable collective agreement

Our agency workers receive sick pay according the the applicable collective agreement or the Employment Contracts Act - just like all employees.

6. Occupational health care may be even better than prescribed by law

In Finland, all employers are required by law to arrange statutory occupational health care for their employees. Statutory occupational health care includes preventive occupational health care, but not access to medical care. However, authorised staffing agencies have undertaken to offer all their agency workers with more than six months of continuous employment occupational health care that exceeds the provisions of statutory occupational health care.

7. We know your job description by heart

We cooperate with our clients on a long-term basis and are well acquainted with the types of jobs they offer. We can usually give you an accurate description of what the job entails. Additionally, our recruiters are often professionals in the industry they represent.

8. We help you build your career path

We believe that people who do their work well can always find employment. As a big employer, we can help you create a career path within your chosen industry or build a bridge to another field. Short courses, cooperation with educational institutes and the StaffPoint Trainee Programme offer you new opportunities in the world of work.

Our 14 offices in Finland cover the whole country, which means that you may find job opportunities even if you move to a new location. We can also help you find work in a warmer climate, in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, Spain. Other opportunities may open up in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, not to mention the possibilities offered by our strategic partner Randstad.

9. We care for your employment and serve you with a personal touch

We think it's important that our employees can trust us and are satisfied with us as their employer. Our service centres are open most days throughout the year. You can contact our recruiters by telephone or email. You'll find the contact information clearly laid out on our website, directing you to reach the right person in a fast and efficient fashion.

StaffPoint's own employee benefits programme, StaffSPECIAL, offers agency workers various benefits: significant product offers and services with negotiated rates. Some of our client companies also offer their StaffPoint employees their own employee benefits. You'll benefit from the strong support our large organisation can give you during your employment.

10. Agency work is an opportunity!

Agency work is a brilliant way to get to know different companies and company cultures. Regardless of the nature of your employment relationship, you'll get to show what you can do! As our employee, you'll have a say on when and how much you work, and moving to another town may not necessarily mean you have start looking for a new employer.