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Recruitment of summer workers

Many organisations hire summer workers because of their permanent employees’ summer holiday season, or based on other needs related to the summer season. The hiring of summer workers is also part of corporate social responsibility. Young people need experience at the beginning of their careers – and a summer job is an excellent opportunity to gain experience.

StaffPoint has the expertise and networks for recruiting summer employees. Our goal is to ensure that the customer organisation can focus on its core operations – meaning that the organisation needs to invest as little time and attention as possible in the process. When StaffPoint manages the process, the candidate experience is positive and successful.

StaffPoint complies with the principles of the Responsible Summer Jobs campaign. Each year, we recruit or serve as the employer for hundreds or even thousands of summer workers. Employing summer workers plays an important role in StaffPoint’s socially responsible business operations. At the end of each summer, we provide information about future summer job opportunities.

By hiring summer workers through StaffPoint, the customer organisation can ensure that individual attention is paid to each applicant and that the recruitment process is a positive experience. This provides young people with a good start to their careers.