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Language training and integration services for foreigners

Immigrants hold significant competence potential for Finland. Integration and language training services provided for foreigners by Spring House, our coaching company, facilitate their employment.

Through Spring House, immigrants receive not only integration training, but also individual coaching on job application and competence assessment (career coaching, job application coaching, vocational workforce training and assessment of competence and professional skills).
Integration training typically lasts for 240–270 days. After or during the training, the immigrant usually starts vocational training or enters working life. Our services help immigrants find a job or a further training placement in Finland, while also developing their social, cultural and life management capabilities. On-the-job learning and cooperation with employers play a major role in achieving goals.

Spring House is a nationally significant provider of training for immigrants. We implement integration training in the regions of six Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres). Around 2,000 immigrants participate in our training programmes each year.
According to a national feedback system, around 65% of the participants report having found a placement after the training. Based on feedback, around 84% of the customers regard the service as good or excellent, with the total score being 4.2.

Spring House is an experienced expert partner for the provision of integration training. The level of customer satisfaction is excellent, and services are widely available in various locations