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Staffing for the service sector

Staffing services allows worker’s input be scaled to the exact business need. Employer obligations are taken care of by an experienced HR partner, StaffPoint.

Staffing is a typical operating model and part of overall resourcing in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector, for example, and in the tourism and seasonal industries, as well as logistics and industry. StaffPoint is one of the leading providers of staffing services for the services sector in Finland.

We attract new professionals, provide them with training and further education and hire out service professionals to major Finnish companies. Through StaffPoint, agency workers can build their careers either horizontally or vertically towards supervisory and managerial positions.

A thorough knowledge of the employer’s obligations and the responsible management of matters related to employment relationships play a key role in staffing for the service sector. These are prerequisites for employee satisfaction and the success of the customer’s business operations.

For more than five decades, StaffPoint has accumulated knowledge of work in the services sector, the necessary induction and the industry-specific and union-specific prerequisites for safety at work. We are a responsible provider of staffing services for the services sector, and it is part of our service ideology to always exceed the minimum requirements. Our profound knowledge of HR and employment relationships is based on expertise and systematic, transparent processes. As a highly valued operator, we build dialogue in cooperation with networks in the field while also systematically developing our cooperation with educational institutions. We can ensure a high level of delivery reliability and satisfied agency workers.

The recruitment process for temporary employees and experts for the services sector is largely the same as the customer’s own recruitment process (read more in the sections Employee recruitment and Expert recruitment). We always choose the means of attracting and committing professionals on a case-by-case basis.