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Private employment services - your path back to work

We want to match jobs and jobseekers. We are one of the private employment service providers approved by the employment and economic development administration (TE Services). We invest all our expertise and efficiency in helping unemployed jobseekers get back to work.

Our private employment services are regional training packages directed at selected jobseeker groups. The jobseeker may choose any of the service providers available.

The training is provided by our career coaching company Spring House and its expert coaches. As a matter of fact, we refer to them as job search personal trainers! Our coaches are seasoned professionals and genuinely interested in helping their customers find employment. The programme is carried out as individual or group training or their combination, and each participant gets a tailored plan.

Our coaches have wide contact networks in their region. The networks provide a good opportunity for finding interesting job and trainee opportunities. By combining Spring House's expertise with the job opportunities provided by StaffPoint, we can bring the entire job market at the jobseeker's reach. Jobs can be found all around the country and in all the industries represented by StaffPoint, ranging from manual work to executive positions.

Spring House has experience of collaborating with the employment and economic development administration since 2003. It has been involved in private employment service pilot programmes from the very beginning, with impressive results:

"The outcome was outstanding; I found a job matching my education and experience even before my training period ended. Warm thanks to my brilliant and dedicated coach who looks after his clients with a professional approach."

"I had been looking for a job for a year already when I took part in the pilot programme. I got good tips on different channels and approaches. A positive attitude triumphed and I found a job! I would like to thank my coach for the help and support I got!"

"I was welcomed as I am, without any blame, in a genuine and open manner. I gained more courage and self-confidence. I learned to write good applications and identified my professional skills. Now I've been employed for over a month and I'm excited about having a job I enjoy!"