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Recruitment of experts and supervisors

StaffPoint recruits hundreds of experts and supervisors for its customers each year. We are thoroughly familiar with expert recruitment. We know the processes required for the recruitment of highly educated professionals who have advanced to supervisory positions in working life.

For challenging profiles, we determine the selection criteria together with the customer. Based on this, we identify the arguments and channels through which to attract the attention of the desired professionals. We manage the recruitment process, stage by stage, with high quality and transparency. In the recruitment of experts who are in high demand, the hybrid recruitment approach is often necessary, meaning that suitable candidates are sought both publicly and through direct recruitment.

Finding the ideal candidates calls for highly professional profile determination, effective attraction, a well-managed recruitment process and high-quality personal assessments. The more challenging the profile, the more customised methods are needed. For StaffPoint, even the most challenging recruitment assignment is “can-do”.