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Recruitment/applicant marketing services

Recruitment increasingly needs to be supported by attraction methods targeted at applicants who fit the desired profile. These methods can include targeted marketing about job opportunities on social media, effective content marketing or a series of more systematically planned measures to build the employer brand of the customer organisation. This service is called recruitment marketing, or applicant marketing, and it is targeted at prospective candidates.

Applicant marketing either brings added visibility to an ongoing recruitment process or builds the customer’s employer brand over the longer term.

Some of the services are included in the recruitment assignment, and are implemented through the StaffPoint Group’s diverse range of digital channels. Some services involve customised applicant marketing, which StaffPoint offers as an additional service. Such marketing is created in cooperation with the customer. According to an annual survey by the Private Employment Agencies Association, demand for employer brand services has grown continuously because it is increasingly difficult to find suitable professionals in many sectors.

It is also important for StaffPoint to build its employer brand. With its knowledge of the wide range of recruitment marketing methods, StaffPoint is an expert choice for consultation about these services, and to provide them to the customer.