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Expert staffing

An organisation can strengthen its special expertise by recruiting an expert or through expert staffing. Expert staffing brings flexibility and ease to the organisation’s operations without any risks. The organisation can increase its resources and deepen its employees’ competence in the development stage and areas in which expertise is needed the most. An expert recruited through a staffing agency for temporary assignments or projects usually brings something new to the organisation, and they can be hired permanently later.

StaffPoint is an experienced partner for temporarily hiring experts for various organisational functions, such as financial management, HR, sales, marketing, communications, IT and technology. For a long time, we have served as a provider of expert staffing services for the state administration under a framework agreement with Hansel, a non-profit limited company serving as a central purchasing body for central and local governments in Finland.

Agency workers are provided with the same employee benefits as permanent employees. Their career development is supported by the same supervisory and talent management processes that support permanent employees. However, StaffPoint is responsible for fulfilling the employer’s obligations, managing matters related to the employment relationship and predicting personnel risks.

In expert staffing, the recruitment process is similar to the process of recruiting an expert permanently for the customer. The process is managed by StaffPoint. Read more about the recruitment process under Expert recruitment.