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We at StaffPoint

StaffPoint's professionals include nearly 12,000 full- or part-time agency workers. We also employ nearly 350 HR experts in various white collar positions: as recruitment consultants and headhunters, account managers, employment specialists, coaches and trainers, HR software developers and other HR solution and process specialists.

StaffPoint's agency workers can often be distinguished by their attitude, competence and smile. We aim at finding just the right person for each job, someone who blends in the client's organisation, takes responsibility for her work, and is a talented worker and a nice colleague. When these criteria are met, the agency worker can take advantage of the employee benefits a big company such as the StaffPoint Group can offer. These can occasionally be supplemented by the end client's employee benefits.

StaffPoint's specialists are seasoned HR professionals, and many have personal experience of the industry they represent. All our specialists have been trained in a client- and solution-oriented way of thinking. Challenges related to skills and competences are meant to be overcome - good HR can help build a worthy world of work and a profitable business!