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Contact center services

For decades, StaffPoint has further developed its expertise in call centre services. Through call centre services, the customer outsources customer service by phone to StaffPoint, including advisory, appointment, order processing and sales services. With customer service becoming more multichannel, the call centre service is now called the contact centre service: a comprehensive set of interactive electronic customer services.

StaffPoint is an experienced provider of contact centre services for organisations in the telecommunications, sales booking, taxi operator and customer service sectors, for example. Contact centre services are suitable for organisations that are seeking shorter response times, flexibility during high seasons, cost-effectiveness, better reportability or support for team organisation and management. The contact centre partner is also responsible for the technical functionality of processes. StaffPoint has for a long time offered high quality and reliability in these respects.

When a customer outsources their contact centre services to StaffPoint, in part or in full, they can also be provided with support in the recruitment of professionals and their induction training, as well as the management of brand-compliant operations and the achievement of goals.