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StaffPoint's job search protocol is simple and the same for everyone. To apply for an open position, fill out the application form. You can also upload your CV along with any other files you wish. Sometimes you can also send a motivation letter. Address the letter and your CV to the contact person listed in the vacancy notice. You can also contact them to request more information.

Welcome to the job interview! We use both video and in-person interviews. Be sure to arrive to your interview on time and bring your school and job transcripts and any possible industry-specific certifications with you. Be prepared to provide a proof of identity and work permit, if applicable. At the end of the interview, our consult will tell you how the process proceeds.

Congratulations! You found a job through us! You were hired either by StaffPoint or directly by one of our clients. Before you start, we will make an employment contract and go through the particulars of the employment relationship with you. At StaffPoint, your employment contract will be either temporary or permanent and you will work on either full- or part-time basis, depending on your job.