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Short courses lead to new jobs

Short courses and re-training play an important role in finding employment. By updating or adding to your skills you can find new employment in in-demand occupations. A series of well-chosen short courses can also further your career.

StaffPoint's extensive StaffAcademy programme consists of short courses from different industries.

Our employees can participate in exactly those StaffAcademy courses they need in their job. Most of the courses are short, lasting from a few hours to a few days. Depending on the subject, the courses are held either at StaffPoint's or our clients' premises.

All our courses are aimed at employees who are just starting out or whose tasks are changing. For more information, get in touch with your contact person or the recruitment consultant responsible for the industry in the question.


StaffCarte - grow and develop into a top serving professional
The StaffCarte programme helps you become a hospitality professional while at the same time gathering valuable work experience. We will turn you into a skilled server alongside your own job. StaffCarte is carried out jointly with our client companies. After the programme, you'll have the opportunity to be employed as a server. The training will provide you with a good basis for becoming a skilled à la carte server through on-the-job training.

The programme includes theoretical training on the basics of a server's job, sales and customer service training, and practical training in a restaurant environment. You'll be introduced to, for example, setting and clothing tables and serving food.

To apply for the StaffCarte programme, you should have some experience of customer service tasks and the restaurant industry.

Getting a Hygiene Passport (see also Retail)
Hygiene Passport is a certificate of one's proficiency in food hygiene. The Finnish Food Act states that everyone who handles unpackaged perishable foodstuffs at work must possess a Hygiene Passport. A Hygiene Passport is a requirement for working, for example, at a cafeteria, restaurant, institutional kitchen, fast-food restaurant or grocery store.
You must pass a hygiene proficiency test within three months of starting the job. You can prepare for the hygiene proficiency test by reading online study material and going over the model test questions and answers on the Evira (Finnish Food Safety Authority) website.

Getting an Alcohol Passport
According to the new Finnish Alcohol Act, there must be a responsible person of legal age present during each restaurant shift and the person must possess a serving licence certificate (Alcohol Passport). To get the certificate, we direct our employees to a culinary college as and when needed.


In retail, the induction programme always includes the short courses required to work in the industry. You can discuss your training needs when you sign the employment contract.

Veikkaus training
It's easy to sell when you know the games and the sales terminal. Veikkaus offers time- and place-independent training to all its retail vendors via an online training course. The Pelimyyjäksi training course is aimed at all novice Veikkaus vendors. The Express Sales online course teaches you how to sell the Express games. Veikkaus also organises private training courses for Staffpoint's agency workers at major locations in Finland. The Veikkaus training courses must be completed at the start of the employment relationship.

Age Limit Pass
Retail stores sell products that are age-restricted, i.e. you are prohibited or restricted from selling them to underage consumers. The Age Limit Pass training course is part of self-monitoring the sales of age-restricted grocery store products. Its purpose is to ensure that stores don't sell age-restricted products to minors and that minors don't have access to alcohol or tobacco products. The training course is aimed at cashiers at retail stores.

You can prepare for the Age Limit Pass test by reading online study material. You can also print out the Kassahenkilön ikärajaopas manual (in Finnish only) and use it as your study material. You can practice the skills and go over the model test questions and answers online. The Age Limit Pass is valid for ten years and you get a certificate when you pass the test. You must complete the test at the start of your employment relationship.

Construction, logistics, manufacturin, property maintenance

Occupational Safety Card
The Occupational Safety Card training gives you the basics on safety risks related to the working environment and on occupational health and safety in a shared workspace. The Occupational Safety Card is primarily aimed at shared workspaces in the manufacturing industry, but it also applies to construction, the public sector, docks, etc. The Occupational Safety Card system is administered by The Centre for Occupational Safety. Obtaining an Occupational Safety Card requires successfully completing the Occupational Safety Card training. The card is personal and valid for five years.