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High-volume recruitment

High-volume recruitment services are a good choice when an organisation needs to hire a large number of professionals as its permanent employees.

The determination of profiles and attraction methods and a high-quality interview and assessment process are prerequisites for success in high-volume recruitment. Cost-effectiveness and reproducibility are created through systematic processes and well-managed recruitment teams. StaffPoint has recruitment professionals who understand the special features of various sectors and profiles. Their expertise is supplemented by recruitment/applicant marketing professionals and a modern digital working environment. These bring an ease of interaction to the process and ensure good results.

StaffPoint also has sector-specific and profile-specific candidate pools that support successful high-volume recruitment. As a national operator, we are also supported by regional networks. Our good relationships with educational institutions and our popular marketing channels and annual contractual cooperation with national recruitment media ensure that our high-volume recruitment attracts strong visibility and attention. More attention and visibility can be gained, accuracy can be further improved and employer brand elements can be added through recruitment/applicant marketing (read more here).