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Case Capi: International Setting Highlights the Importance of a Reliable Recruitment Partner

Before Royal Capi-Lux (Capi) opened its first store at Helsinki Airport in Finland, the assistance of a local recruitment agency came in more than handy.

StaffPoint got assigned as a local partner and has been a great help in recruiting skilful employees that contribute to Capi’s inspiring and exciting shopping experience at airports.

Capi, The Travellers Electronics Company, is the leading airport retailer of consumer electronics with over 55 stores globally and continues to open new stores. Assistance of a local recruitment agency is of importance in terms of being in line with local legislation and labour laws. Therefore, Capi assigned StaffPoint for the recruitment process when the opening of the Helsinki store was officially announced.

Capi offers travellers an inspiring shopping experience with a trendsetting and focused product assortment in an internationally recognisable setting. Therefore, it is highly important that everything works well regardless country or currency. Each of the Capi shops is set up with the same atmosphere in mind, which creates the same recognisable and familiar feel to all the shops. The staff plays a very important part in creating this specific ambiance in the store.

Astrid Bakker, Junior HR Business Partner, tells that external agencies bring more knowledge to the table about local issues. Capi considered other HR-partners for operations in Finland, but StaffPoint convinced them with high-quality presentation and experience with airport recruitment.

”StaffPoint answered all of our questions. When there is distance, it is important that cooperation runs smoothly. We value a business partner who is trendsetting and future oriented. Also, if there are ever any problems, we get help from StaffPoint,” Bakker explains.

Uniform Quality Despite Cultural Factors

Capi’s headquarter is located in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. Besides Helsinki you can find Capi-stores at airports in many European countries such as Amsterdam, Stockholm and Vienna. In the course of 2019, Capi will open their first stores at the airport in Abu Dhabi. In addition, there are several franchising stores worldwide selling electronics from the leading A brands, premium brands and Capi’s private label Mitone.

Different cultural aspects are easier to take into consideration at different locations when business partners are involved that are familiar with the local manners and trends. Also, StaffPoint offers staffing service, which is an easy and safe option for an airport retailer to employ people in foreign countries as the agency is taking care of employees’ contracts, employment matters, employer responsibilities and other practicalities. The recruitment agency offers assistance with for example pay rolls and other activities that are different compared to the Netherlands.

In Finland, Capi employs just under 10 people, who are hired through StaffPoint, and there are over 300 people working for the airport retailer globally, roughly half of them in the Netherlands.

”We want that Capi stores are recognised everywhere. It’s important that the workforce also suits our brand,” Bakker says.

International Environment Increases the Importance of Successful Recruitments

StaffPoint does the groundwork in recruiting new salespersons and customer servants for Helsinki Airport. Recruitment processes are tailored to the present needs. Capi stores are located at airports and airport retailing differs from domestic retailing by the shopping behaviour of travellers at airports.

According to Bakker, Capi is looking for outgoing personnel who enjoy interacting with international travellers in an innovative and inspiring shopping environment.

For Capi, it is not about work experience, but about personality, hospitality and international customer service. Furthermore, Capi makes sure that employees receive quality training regarding sales, products and hospitality with the Capi Academy.

Capi expects that every employee takes responsibility and contributes in a pro-active and customer- oriented way. Especially the Senior Supervisor position in Helsinki offers a lot of positive challenges, as the direct line of management is located in The Netherlands. Therefore, it is very important to be pro-active and have a solution-minded way of thinking, whereas one should also have the right feeling of when to ask for assistance from the headquarters and management in the Netherlands.

”StaffPoint has fulfilled our expectations as a recruitment partner. I can’t think of anything to improve,” Bakker praises.

• Knowing the legislation, labour laws and other local practices when opening a new, international shop.
• Finding a dedicated sales team in a foreign country and knowledge of the local market.
• Cultural differences between different countries, which makes the recruitment process more

• Staffpoint recruited a dedicated sales team for Capi’s store in Finland.
• Capi gained useful knowledge and received help with local legislation, pay rolls and cultural aspects
regarding recruitment and employee profiles.
• Continued cooperation assures that the store in Helsinki and its workforce meet Capi’s
international standards.