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Jobs in different industries

At StaffPoint, you may work at an open-plan office, a restaurant kitchen, a construction site, a passenger ship, an airport or somewhere different altogether. We offer professional, specialist and management positions in various industries.

Check out the industry-specific job descriptions below:

horeca kuvionelio-01

From Dish washers to HoReCa Managers

StaffPoint offers the best jobs for hotel, restaurant and catering professionals and emerging talents in the best-known restaurants and hotels in Finland. At StaffPoint, you get to work at the top of your field. Our client companies include various operators from bars and nightclubs to global hotel chains. There are jobs for à la carte waiters, bartenders, chefs, shift managers, cafeteria staff, fast food workers and many others. StaffPoint gives you the opportunity to work either full- or part-time, whichever suits you best. You can work, for example, alongside your studies. As a national operator, we offer you the chance to take advantage of the changing seasons: you can, for example, work winters at the ski resorts of the north and move to the south for the summer to work at a sunny terrace restaurant.

StaffPoint also gives you the chance to improve your skills and competences. Whether you're a restaurant professional or just starting your career, our training courses help you find your place in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Check our open HoReCa vacancies here!

    ictENG kuvionelio-01

    From Technical Support to IT Managers

    StaffPoint recruits ICT experts to work at ICT companies and at the ICT departments of companies in other industries. In addition to ICT expertise, the employers represented by StaffPoint value good spoken and written knowledge of Finnish and English. The jobs on offer are primarily aimed at professionals and ICT students nearing the end of their studies. There are jobs for various ICT experts, such as data entry clerks, software testers, web specialists, information systems specialists, technical support staff, designers and Help Desk staff.

      logistiikkaENG kuvionelio-01

      From Movers to Multi-skilled Logistics professionals

      The typical logistics jobs StaffPoint offers include, for example, mover, storage worker, forklift driver and terminal worker. Various kinds of transport jobs are also on offer. The purpose of logistics is to ensure the availability of goods and services. This means that the jobs entail receiving, storing, picking, sending and transporting goods. Employees are needed by both big and small companies: terminals, logistics centres and different wholesale and retail warehouses. A mover’s job includes carrying and installing furniture and assisting in related tasks.

        professionals 2022

        From Secretaries to Specialists

        StaffPoint has substantial experience of recruiting office staff. We offer versatile jobs in, for example, financial administration, HR, customer service, and sales and marketing in different industries. The positions range from support functions to specialist, supervisory and managerial positions. The contracts are primarily full-time, and there's also a chance to find permanent employment through our recruitment services. We also offer project and part-time work to fit personal needs.

        Check open vacancies here!

          teollisuusENG kuvionelio-01

          From Packers to Engineers

          StaffPoint offers jobs in the manufacturing industry for both production workers and white collar staff. There are positions, for example, for service and maintenance staff, welders, assemblers, packers, machinists, production machine operators, engineers and sheet metal workers.The industries we represent range from engineering, metalworking and electronics to food production, timber and forest. The manufacturing jobs on offer vary from ancillary work to demanding professional tasks.

          Check open vacancies here!

            cc kuvionelio 2022

            From Sales Negotiators to Virtual Assistants

            We offer Contact Center jobs for excellent customer service employees. Contact Center employees work, for example, in taxi dispatch centres and telephone call centres, where typical titles are customer service representative, taxi dispatcher and sales negotiator. Our Contact Center partners are big, well-known and reliable companies. We offer both full-time and part-time positions, which means that these jobs are also ideal for students. We provide our
            employees with tailored, company-specific training.

            Find open vacancies here!

              propertymaintenance 2022

              From Roof Snow Removers to Cleaners

              StaffPoint takes care of the labour needs of several property maintenance companies. Typical tasks include groundskeeping, manual snow removal and roof snow removal. The tasks are seasonal, which means that the jobs are ideal also for students.

              Find open vacancies here!

                tourismindustry 2022

                From Lift Attendants to Hotel Housekeepers

                StaffPoint is a visible part of the success of the Finnish tourism industry. Our long and strong relationships with all the leading players in the field around the country guarantee interesting job opportunities that help you develop professionally. We offer work, for example, for restaurant managers, head chefs, hotel managers, hotel hostesses, chefs, servers, hotel housekeepers, lift attendants, caretakers, ticket sellers, ski instructors and grooming machinery operators.
                We aim to offer year-round jobs with permanent contracts. StaffPoint also gives you the chance to participate in training to improve your skills.

                Check our open HoReCa and Tourism indystry vacancies here!

                  security 2022


                  Are you interested in working in the security industry and wish to meet new people and new challenges? The security industry offers jobs suitable for both industry professionals and novices. StaffPoint gives you the opportunity to work either full- or part-time according to your personal needs, such as alongside your studies. The security jobs offered by StaffPoint range from, for example, event security, stewarding and security guard services to special security and specialist services. We have a versatile client base, which means that we can offer our employees interesting jobs around Finland.

                    rakentaminenENG kuvionelio-01

                    From Carpenters to Site Managers

                    StaffPoint offers versatile job opportunities in, for example, the earthworks and house building industries and the building products and materials industry. The jobs on offer vary from ancillary work to demanding professional tasks. Our clients have a regular need for competent construction helpers, scaffolders, construction workers and carpenters. Skilled painters, tile installers and bricklayers are also needed throughout the year.