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Henrico Digital Oy

Henrico Digital is a digital business and talent consultancy, which specializes in digital and ICT talents headhunting & Interim Management services. Henrico Digital provides also digital business consultancy services for companies. Henrico Digital belongs to the StaffPoint Group.

Henrico is a digital business consultancy in the Nordic countries, specializing in digital and ICT talents headhunting & Interim Management services.

All our senior digital freelancing consultants have strong personal background in managing digital businesses and on the recruitment of experts in the digital sector.

There is 100+ independent Senior Digital Business Consultants in the Henrico freelancer network at your service.

We strive to understand our clients’ needs and always keep what we promise. We are brave and agile.

Henrico Digital was established in 2019 to offer services for companies looking for digital and ICT talents to their teams and for temporary needs and projects.

StaffPoint Group bought Henrico Digital in 2021. Together with StaffPoint Henrico can offer even wider possibilities for both companies looking for specialists and for experienced specialists who are looking for freelancer work.

The CEO of Henrico Digital is Minna Kruhse.