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Working capacity management

The focus of working capacity management is early intervention – that is, the implementation of various measures that maintain working capacity. It is particularly important to support an employee during the various phases of their career, such as job rotation, changing roles (serving as a replacement and returning to their own job), returning from parental leave, returning from a long sick leave and retirement.

To help employees with reduced working capacity, we offer a versatile guidance service in cooperation with our customers and their pension insurance companies. The related expert services include occupational well-being assessments, working capacity coordination services and vocational rehabilitation, as well as helping the employee find a work try-out placement and supporting them during the try-out.
When working capacity management is at the core of HR, the organisation’s employees and business operations are well-positioned for development and growth.

Working capacity experts at StaffPoint and Spring House provide comprehensive assistance with working capacity and well-being at work. We will help you identify causalities in working capacity management. StaffPoint has extensive expertise in working capacity management, as well as close networks with pension insurance and non-life insurance companies.

We will also help you improve employees’ working capacity through developing supervisory work. This service is useful during transition phases in working life, for example.