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Change security and outplacement

A new approach and many types of support are currently needed in seeking a job. Spring House’s services enable employers to provide statutory change security to employees who are going to be made redundant.

The customer is the employee who is going to be made redundant or change careers. Support from a job application specialist at Spring House is available for the customer during the change situation. Spring House helps the customer to create and choose from various future scenarios. During coaching, the customer identifies career options and their own strengths, learns to promote their expertise, and examines the labour market and their life situation from new perspectives.

Customer case: Change security service for the personnel of FläktGroup’s fan factory

Coaching is provided safely through a remote connection on Teams or Skype or by telephone. We provide the participants with professional support with job application documents throughout the process. They also have access to an extensive virtual environment with webinars, exercises and videos.

1 Coaching on working life skills: New direction and clarity through personal support from a professional coach. The focus is on the customer’s wishes in the change situation. Tools: Cut-e, SWOT and coaching tools.

2 Coaching on job application skills: An overall review of the customer’s current job application skills and the companies in their area. Personal employment plan and options (job application, education, starting a business). Off to a good start.

3 Executive recruitment consultant: Discussion and coaching with a recruitment consultant, or with a direct recruitment consultant at StaffPoint Executive. The customer benefits from StaffPoint’s networks and labour market expertise. Review of personal application strategy.
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