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Lesian uratarinakuva

Lesia found a new beginning in a foreign country through work

This is Lesia's career story – a story about how everything is possible with hard work, dedication and willpower. Lesia tells how she found a new profession and community at Valmet Automotive EV Power in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

Lesia comes from a small town in central Ukraine. She came to Finland as a refugee in March 2022, when the war in Ukraine started. Now she lives in Laitila, Finland with her husband and daughter. Lesia feels that she is lucky to be with her family in Finland, although she is worried about her loved ones who had to stay in Ukraine.

Integration into Finland has gone well. Lesia has visited Finland before, and her husband has been doing seasonal work here for 15 years. While everything has been new for their daughter, she has also adapted admirably and loves being in Finland. She goes to school and builds her new life in Laitila.

Working at Valmet Automotive EV Power is rewarding

Lesia started at Valmet Automotive EV Power as an operator on June, 2022. At the moment, she is already being trained as a process operator, which is a promotion in a way. The process operator monitors the robots and corrects any problems that may arise during the process. The job is very different from her previous career as an English teacher in Ukraine.

*"It's hard to find a job that matches your profession if you don't know Finnish or English. I was an English teacher for 17 years and I'm glad that I know a language that allows me to work and communicate in Finland.'' *

Lesia thinks that the Finnish language is very beautiful and melodic, but learning it takes time, so working at Valmet Automotive EV Power is a great opportunity for her. Lesia considers herself very lucky that she met StaffPoint and got a job at Valmet Automotive EV Power.

The working atmosphere is open and everyone is equal

Lesia has been impressed by the friendliness and openness of Finns. The work culture of the workplace is very open and inviting, and Lesia is surprised that you can always ask questions and everyone is ready to help.

It took a while to learn who were the supervisors or team leaders because there is no hierarchy – everyone is treated the same and everyone is equal. She had not done similar work before, but decided to learn and do her best. The work itself is interesting and provides a suitable challenge.

Valmet Automotive EV Power has employees from several different countries and sometimes surrounded by so many cultures almost feels like being in New York. Thanks to her previous profession, she has traveled a lot and enjoys the diversity of people at workplace as well.

Finding work unexpectedly

Lesia met by coincidence, in her words: a wonderful woman from StaffPoint, who advised her to try the operator's job at Valmet Automotive EV Power. After only three days, the work started.

Lesia feels that working at StaffPoint is easy. The staff is helpful and no one is left alone. In addition, the employee application (MyStaff) is very useful and informative.

The work itself is very rewarding and the coworkers are like family. Since many colleagues are also foreigners, it is easy for them to relate with each other. Both foreigners and Finns help each other with work and everyday challenges.

"I was a teacher, but now I'm a student. I have learned a new profession and things about myself. Now I know that everything is possible.'', says Lesia.

Thank you Lesia for telling us your story and encouraging also others to change their field of work and believe in themselves!