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Valmet Automotive

Case Valmet Automotive: Group General Counsel

"The process was very efficient, and we were able to find the right candidate quickly."

The Client:

With an unlimited passion for mobility and innovation, Valmet Automotive's 5,000 employees are making the future of vehicles a reality. Focus on e-drive engineering, paired with outstanding manufacturing expertise, makes Valmet Automotive an experienced and visionary partner in a rapidly evolving industry.

The Brief:

Valmet Automotive's previous Group General Counsel was taking a career step elsewhere, and the company management decided to launch a search for a successor from outside the company.

There were also changes in Valmet Automotive’s strategy. Accordingly, the competence profile and the required experience were updated compared to the previous general counsel profile.

Valmet Automotive chose StaffPoint Executive as a partner to find the new talent due to earlier positive experiences.

Our Solution and Outcome:

As the target group of leaders in legal counsel was narrow, we were able to identify the potential candidates quickly. In this particular case, we decided to speed up the process: during the research phase and first interviews, we met a person who met the criteria particularly well.

Promptly, we set-up an interview with CEO Olof Bongwald and found out there were strong chemistry and compatibility between the two. We had already carried out a competence screening for the candidate, so we knew the person had all the capabilities to be successful in the role.

Valmet Automotive Group HR SVP Charlotte Caswell managed the client's process effectively with further stakeholder interviews and collected feedback. The management decided to hire the candidate in record time.

The main success factors with this assignment were a scoped competence profile and well-managed processes.

Client Testimonial:

"The process was very efficient, and we were able to find the right candidate quickly. I felt that Pasi Honkalahti from StaffPoint Executive understood our company very quickly so that it was possible for him to provide us with excellent candidates."

- Charlotte Caswell, Group HR SVP, Valmet Automotive