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Refe: Leadership Review

Case: Leadership Review

”The project was assertively carried out in good cooperation and gave both the board and the new CEO concrete tools.”

The Client:

Our client is the leading retail company in its field, employing over 1,300 experts. The company serves both consumers and businesses through various distribution channels.

The Brief:

After changes in the board, the company needed a renewed understanding of its key personnel’s competences and its ability to take on new and divergent responsibilities in a changing market. The company already had alternative strategies based on different scenarios. The Leadership Review was built based on the most challenging one. The fact-gathering methods and the key questions were chosen together with the client.

Our Solution & Outcome:

After receiving the assignment, we made a project plan and determined the target for the project with the management. The aim was to produce individual and collegial development plans for the management team and an objective review of the key personnel’s competencies and leadership practices for the board of governors. In the Leadership Review, special attention was paid on the functioning of management groups, the successor planning, and potential investments in skilled labor. 23 key persons took part in the project, which was conducted from planning to the final report in six weeks.

Client Testimonial:

”The project was assertively carried out in good cooperation. The company CEO changed during the project. The Leadership Review gave both the board and the new CEO concrete tools to prepare for changes in the management team and to do personal development plans for the management team.”