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Scam messages and scam calls in the name of StaffPoint

Cases have been reported to us where a person has received a WhatsApp message or a call from a foreign number. In the contacts, they have appeared in English as StaffPoint's recruitment consultant and asked about their interest in the job. Some of the messages have been directed at StaffPoint's temporary employees or applicants, and some at completely external persons.

NOTE! The messages are phishing messages that try to get the person to provide information about themselves.

We have investigated the matter and according to the current information, we have not been affected by any kind of data leak, data security breach or anything else that would have endangered the data in our registers. It is a wide-ranging problem, which has been reported internationally as the so-called as recruitment scams. The Cyber Security Center has also publicly warned about these messages. So the messages are not sent by us, and you should not respond to them under any circumstances.

StaffPoint doesn't not approach our stakeholders in the form of job offers via WhatsApp messages or calls or text messages or via social media.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for a safer job hunt:

  • StaffPoint's recruiters do not recruit or make job offers on social media, WhatsApp etc.
  • The only way to apply for a job for us is on our website
  • All our open vacancies are listed on our website
  • Our recruiters' emails end with (at)
  • Our recruiters use Finnish phone numbers only (+358)
  • Our recruiters will not ask your personal information on social media
  • StaffPoint will never ask you to make any payments nor your bank details
  • Our campaigns are run by our official social media accounts and they are linked to our website
  • If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! Better safe than sorry