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Career Coach

As a coach, I am right beside you

Life is a path, and we all walk it in our own way. We all have dreams. Our own goals, wishes, challenges, and obstacles on our path. Our path also contains a number of crossroads where we have to choose how and where to proceed.

Some of these crossroads can also be major turning points or even crises in our lives. The main ones are becoming unemployed or losing the ability to work. In these situations, we often have to stop and consider what has happened, why it happened, and how to move forward. These are the sort of turning points where you might meet me. A coach who will walk beside you for a while, support you and help you on your path in a new professional direction.

A path to match your dreams

In my work as a coach I do not feel like I only help people find a new job or a new direction. Our paths often cross in certain situations, and I then become part of that specific chapter of your life and join you in finding a new direction for your life.

For many people, unemployment or losing the ability to work is a major turning point or even a crisis as they encounter many different kinds of worries about both their finances and their future. Bit by bit the “thank you, but not this time” responses chip away at your belief in yourself and the future. Uncertainty about your ability to work or your skills further reduces your faith in finding a new path. And in the midst of all this you also need to find the strength to take care of your daily obligations and deal with different authorities in order to at least put food on the table. Those who are at a crossroads in their lives are still living the same life as everyone else, with its pressures, challenges, and dreams for the future.

We all want to fulfil our potential. In the work we do, in our spare time, or ideally in both of these. But it is not always easy to find a new job or direction, and you can encounter many different kinds of internal and external challenges along the way. No one is in the exact same situation as anyone else, and life is about much more than work and the pursuit of it. So, there is not one single path that we should always take. Everyone’s circumstances are different, reflecting their own dreams and goals.

Not on your behalf - but by helping you

My job as a coach is to help and support you on this journey. I cannot do things on your behalf, but I can help you move things forward one small step at a time. I will walk beside you and help you figure out your goals and dreams.

I will help you navigate different kinds of challenges and overcome obstacles. Together we will find and open doors into a new future. I will support you when you face disappointments. I will gently push you when you run out of steam. I will celebrate with you when you succeed and more forward. I will listen, be present, and walk beside you on this journey. And later, when you have continued along your new path without me, I will think about you and wonder how you are doing.

I am living my own dream to help and support people. I am a coach, the one who walks beside you.

This #ExpertsAtWork blog post was written by coach, rehabilitation counsellor and Master of Social Services Minna Ruotsalainen.