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Tetiana’s and Mykola’s Career Story – From Ukraine to Loviisa

Tetiana and Mykola fleed to Finland over a year ago when the war in Ukraine started. Currently Tetiana and Mykola live in Loviisa, working on a permanent basis as production workers at StaffPoint’s cooperation company Loval.

When Tetiana and Mykola arrived in Finland in 2022, the wanted to start working immediately to secure a livelihood and to integrate quickly into the Finnish society.

”When we came to Finland we wanted to work right away. We sent applications to multiple companies but due to different languages, finding a job in a foreign country was challenging in the beginning”, Mykola recalls the couple’s early challenges.

Tetiana and Mykola sent an application also to StaffPoint since they had heard about StaffPoint’s Security Through Work channel and the efforts the recruitment company was making to help Ukrainians. The

professional recruitment consultants at StaffPoint recognized the couple’s potential and presented them as applicants to Loval, Europe’s leading heating solutions expert and manufacturer of tubular heating and other heating elements. Tetiana and Mykola impressed also the interviewers at Loval and both were offered an employment. The couple gladly accepted the employment and moved to the city of Loviisa on a short schedule.

’’StaffPoint told us about Loval and arranged interviews for both of us. Only a short while after, we were moving from Helsinki to Loviisa and started working at Loval as production workers”, describes Tetiana.

Help has always been received when requested

Tetiana and Mykola are very happy with the recruitment process at StaffPoint because they have always received help and replies quickly to all their questions. And although Tetiana and Mykola speak English, they found it a relief that with the help of International Services team at StaffPoint all matters relating to the recruitment process, including discussions on employment and salary, have been concluded in their own native language. In addition, StaffPoint helped the couple with their settling to Loviisa.

Although Mykola and Tetiana have no prior experience in similar production tasks, they have learned their new jobs quickly at Loval. The comprehensive induction and helpful colleagues at Loval have really helped in their fast learning. Interviews and orientation at Loval are conducted completely in English for international talents so there haven’t been any major issues with the language either.

New life in Loviisa

Tetiana and Mykola have lived and worked in Loviisa for over a year now and they couldn’t be happier about their new life in the peaceful little town. Loval has also nearly 30 other Ukrainian workers, from whom the couple has found many friends.

The couple appreciates especially the Finnish work culture which is completely different to what they were used to in Ukraine.

”We appreciate the balance between work and free time in Finland, because I was used to working 15-16 hours every day in Ukraine, whereas in Finland the work days are 8 hours long tops. In addition, there is very little hierarchy in the Finnish work company, meaning you do not have to worry about speaking to your supervisor and that everyone’s opinions are listened to”, Mykola describes the differences between work cultures in Finland and Ukraine.

Tetiana and Mykola are highly motivated about their work and want to continue working at Loval going forward. They are both planning to learn more Finnish language so that they can advance at Loval to supervisor roles, for example.

”Loval has a great work culture where employees are appreciated. In the future, I would like to advance to a supervisor role and guide new employees”, Mykola sums up his plans.

”We want to say thank you to StaffPoint and Loval for their trust in us. You are doing great work for employing Ukrainians”, states Tetiana with gratitude towards the two companies that helped the couple to start their new life in Finland.

Thank you Tetiana and Mykola for sharing your story with us and best of luck to your lives in Loviisa!