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Spring House as service-provider

The StaffPoint Group also offers effective employment, career and growth services. Our career coaching company Spring House encourages and coaches jobseekers to chart new career paths – together with StaffPoint recruiters.

Part of the StaffPoint Group, the career coaching company Spring House helps thousands of jobseekers every year to move their careers forward. Together with the employment and economic development administration, we offer e-service guidance, job search and career coaching, competence and talent mapping, vocational labour market training, and training for immigrants.

Additionally, we are one of the employment and economic development administration’s partners in regional private employment service projects. We are a nationwide company with operations in 15 ELY centre regions.

Spring House’s service quality is based on the following factors:

Custom-made: We produce the service together with you and tailor it to your needs.
Scope: We know about vacancies in different industries, also for those with university education. We operate nation-wide.
Diversity: We offer career options on a wide scale – all the way to key talent headhunting (StaffPoint Executive).
Experience: We have a long and solid experience in the field of recruitment and job search.
Results: We have achieved excellent results in regional private employment service projects and various employment coaching programs, and our customer satisfaction rate is high. On top of that, we are also a distinguished coaching partner and offer concrete support to help companies succeed.
Plausibility: We provide employment for over 30,000 people every year, either directly or by helping them find employment.