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Global and technological opportunities

“Our strategic partnership with Randstad has got off to a good, broad-based start,” says Mika Kiljunen, CEO of the StaffPoint Group. “Cooperation enables us to scale our expertise to customers’ needs better and to predict future trends in working life.”

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Since September 2016, the StaffPoint Group has cooperated closely with Randstad, the second-largest global operator in the market.

“Our partnership with Randstad in the Finnish and Baltic markets has enabled us to provide new global customers with our expertise. We have also developed an understanding of our common strategic strengths,” says Mika Kiljunen.

According to Kiljunen, StaffPoint and Randstad are united by a comprehensive range of services. Their competitive advantages include the development and client-specific customisation of HR software and tools, in particular.

“Tools and applications for competence resourcing, recruiting, assessment and management are developing in a very interesting direction. Add artificial intelligence, advanced automation and the Internet of Things to the equation, and we have entirely new types of opportunities. Naturally, we seek to lead the way in this technology-driven development. Our partnership with Randstad ensures a sufficiently broad perspective,” says Kiljunen.

In-depth knowledge of future trends in working life

According to Nina Antink, Director, International Accounts at StaffPoint, the strategic partnership with Randstad also benefits local customers.

“We have shifted our focus towards predicting the future needs of working life, based on our strong sector-specific expertise. Our cooperation with Randstad offers us access to the latest research information and trend analyses. Together with our customers, we are able to determine the most effective way to manage changes in their business operations,” says Antink.

StaffPoint is further improving its range of services, which will increasingly be based on individual customers and their changing needs.

“We are developing our service processes in a manner that enables us to flexibly provide our customers with unique, customised solutions. We want to meet the need for a HR service package that genuinely supports business operations and is able to keep up with the rapid pace of change,” says Antink.

A solid foundation for diversifying services and solutions

Since autumn 2016, Antink has been in charge of StaffPoint’s participation in extensive international bidding processes as Randstad’s strategic partner in Finland and the Baltic countries.

“Our cooperation has created new sales opportunities and is also providing interesting content for branding our expertise,” she says.

“The time is right. By revising its business strategy, StaffPoint has laid the foundation for diversifying services and solutions by means of investments, for example. We have new opportunities in Finland,” Kiljunen adds.

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