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The Security Through Work Project found a way to employ Ukrainians

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Due to the war in Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainians have arrived in Finland, for whom a job is a crucial way to rebuild their lives. StaffPoint Oy, in cooperation with Elinkeinolämä keskusliitto EK, launched the Work Through Security Project, which aimed to employ 200–400 Ukrainians to Finnish companies and to more effectively improve the employment of foreign talents who are already in Finland.

During the pilot phase, the Work Through Security Project enabled the employment of 439 Ukrainians and other refugees with work permits. StaffPoint continues to employ Ukrainians and other international talents.

The Work Through Security Project harnessed channeled the desire to help into concrete results

More than 2,400 international job seekers have applied through StaffPoint’s Security Through Work Project. About 2,000 of these applicants are Ukrainians and 400 are other international talents. Work-based immigration is needed for almost in every industry and every professional group. Through the project, over 440 foreign speakers have been employed so far in different levels of tasks, such as property maintenance, shop shelving, industry work, specialist tasks, software developers, analysts, logistics jobs and in the restaurant industry.

So far, 88 Finnish companies from various industries such as trade, accommodation, restaurant, IT, industry, logistics and construction have signed up for the project.

’’I am grateful to the companies that have employed Ukrainians and thus made Finnish working life more international. The new operating models created together also open doors for other international talents. The project has been of great importance, both from the point of view of individuals and companies, but on the other hand also from a social perspective’’, the CEO of StaffPoint Group Anu Ahokas, sums up the project.

A large part of the effects of The Work Through Security Project can be seen in changed attitudes on the employers’ side. Companies have been very interested in employing Ukrainians, but in the past the readiness to manage multiculturalism within the work communities has been low. With confident actions, companies can become international already on their home turf and gain the new talent they need. Thanks to good experiences and support services, many companies have been encouraged to recruit international talents, and therefore there are currently several hundred new recruitment needs.

It is very important that the Ukrainians arriving in the country are treated fairly in working life. StaffPoint is involved in ’’the Ukrainians and employment network’’ working group together with, for example, Migri, TE Services, TEM, AVI, ELY, refugee centers and several 3rd sector operators. Together, information has been shared and solutions have been found to promote the transition to working life as quickly as possible.

Challenges are made to be overcome

Challenges have also occurred during the Security Through Work Project. Many of the applicants do not speak English, which makes it difficult for them to find employment. Sad news from home can also affect the employment process and ability to work.

In addition to the use of interpreters, the recruiters of the Security Through Work Project speak English, Ukrainian and Russian. Also, working in pairs has proven to be a working model in the workplace, where one person speaks Ukrainian or Russian as well as English.

The Confederation of Finnish Business, EK, has been happy to participate in the launch of the Security Through Work Project and is satisfied that with its help it has been possible to employ those who have fled to Finland. Employment can be further promoted by supporting the learning of the Finnish language.

’’EK's surveys show that the biggest obstacle to employment is lack of language skills. Language skills are also of great importance for integration in the new home country. Learning a language requires support. As a concrete action, EK has been involved in supporting the ’’Finsku’’ language learning environment for Ukrainians to learn the basics of the Finnish language’’, says the CEO of OK, Jyri Häkämies.

StaffPoint still wants to participate in the development of the Finnish labor market, respond to the skills shortage with the latest solutions and invest in promoting and supporting work-related immigration. The Safety Through Work Project continues.

More information:
Jenny von Knorring, StaffPoint, International Services, 050 366 9801
Teea Hurme-Rintala, StaffPoint, Marketing and Communications Director, 040 725 7477