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StaffPoint strengthens its expertise as a partner of SMEs by acquiring Valtti Henkilöstöratkaisut Oy

Valtti StaffPoint


The StaffPoint Group is continuing its growth strategy by acquiring Valtti Henkilöstöratkaisut Oy.

“For almost a decade, Valtti has been building long-term client relationships in selected sectors. Valtti operates mainly in the Tampere Region, which will strengthen our presence in this area. Valtti will provide us with greater expertise in, above all, understanding how SMEs operate in its local market,” says Anu Ahokas, CEO of the StaffPoint Group.

Laura Helasjoki-Ristimäki, founder and CEO of Valtti, is excited about the deal:

“I believe that as a result of the deal our current clients will be provided with even better service and our temporary staff will gain new employment opportunities thanks to the larger clientele. The StaffPoint Group’s digital tools and greater expert resources will help us grow our business even more. This is an excellent opportunity also for me and my team to further our careers in a larger organisation,” says Helasjoki-Ristimäki.

Laura Helasjoki-Ristimäki will continue as key account manager, and with her teams she will be responsible for managing Valtti’s accounts and for sales to new SME corporate customers in and around the Tampere Region.

In 2018, the net sales of Valtti Henkilöstöratkaisut were EUR 3.3 million. The company operates mainly in the Tampere Region in the manufacturing, real estate services and office work sector.

More information:
Anu Ahokas
Anu Ahokas, CEO of the StaffPoint Group
(Please contact the CEO through Mariliina Karppo, Communications and Marketing Manager tel. +358 50 543 8553)