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Finnish Sports Gala (Urheilugaala) and StaffPoint rewarding role models

The Finnish Sports Gala (Urheilugaala) and StaffPoint have started a partnership that will start at the Urheilugaala organized on January 12, 2023. StaffPoint CEO Anu Ahokas will take the gala stage to award the ’’Role Model of the Year’’


The cooperation speaks of StaffPoint's thought leadership for a better working life. The working life of the future will be flexible, equal and energizing. The positive effects of exercise and sports on people's well-being are undeniable.

StaffPoint wants to be an open-minded reformer of working life and a fixer of grievances, and thus act as a kind of role model and guide in working life. To StaffPoint, meaningfulness comes from helping others and pairing optimal people and companies together while coaching them to realize their unique working strengths.

The Role Model of the Year awarded at the gala is an active or retired top athlete whose attitude, behavior, appearance and actions are suitable for encouraging the entire Finnish people, especially young people.

StaffPoint and Urheilugaala together highlight the positive effect of exercise on well-being and coping at work. The role of athletes as role models and social influencers is big, and the attitude and characteristics of athletes have many similarities to the demands of modern working life. Positive and encouraging role models can be found in workplaces and sports fields, which are put on a pedestal in this cooperation.

The Role Model of the Year award will be handed out on stage by a StaffPoint representative, who will also include his own story in the communication of the nominees and winners of the award category.

"It is a great honor to be able to hand out the Role Model of the Year award at the Urheilugaala. We all need role models who encourage us to dream and, above all, to work to achieve our dreams. Through the Urheilugaala, we want to further strengthen StaffPoint's responsible role as an encourager for an active working life."

  • Anu Ahokas, CEO of StaffPoint Group

"It's great to have StaffPoint join the Urheilugaala partner family. In accordance with our common goals and values, we raise the appreciation of sports and exercise in working life and society."

  • Riia Martinoja, General Secretary of the Urheilugaala

As one of Finland's largest human resources companies, it strives to find new innovative solutions to a problem plaguing working life: a better match between job seekers and open jobs. With StaffPoint, new talents are brought to the labor market, but also supported in the twists and turns of working life throughout the career path.

More information:
Teea Hurme-Rintala, Director of Marketing and Communications