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Valmet Automotive is recruiting 1,000 professionals in cooperation with StaffPoint

Valmet automotive

Valmet Automotive is recruiting 1,000 new employees for its automotive plant in Uusikaupunki and its battery plant in Salo. StaffPoint is Valmet’s partner in this significant project. “It feels great to roll up our sleeves again,” says Anssi Nieminen, Business Area Director, Industry and Logistics at StaffPoint.

StaffPoint and Valmet Automotive are expanding their cooperation through the recruitment project. StaffPoint has previously served as Valmet Automotive’s HR service partner in recruitment for the battery plant in Salo. Now this cooperation is being expanded to cover Valmet Automotive’s Uusikaupunki plant as well.

“The outlook for Valmet Automotive is positive,” says Anssi Nieminen, Business Area Director at StaffPoint. “Orders for vehicles and batteries have developed very favourably. We are helping Valmet Automotive to find new production workers and clerical employees for various roles. There is a need for 1,000 professionals in total during 2021.”

Expectations are high – professionalism with a touch of humour

Valmet Automotive has been building its employer brand carefully, with a touch of positive humour. The company’s recruitment marketing communicates great pride in the importance of industrial work and long-term careers, even lifelong ones. Valmet Automotive has recruited professionals from all parts of Finland.

According to HR Director Tomi Salo, Valmet Automotive is an excellent choice for people who are changing careers, for example. “We are a youthful and energetic workplace, and the opportunities that we offer attract applicants with very diverse backgrounds.”

The post-Covid labour market is full of opportunities. Valmet Automotive has high expectations for their expanded cooperation with StaffPoint.
“We have good experiences of cooperation at the battery plant in Salo, which is why I believe that by expanding our cooperation, we will also find the required number of professionals for the Uusikaupunki plant on a tight schedule,” says Petri Parjanen, Head of HR at the Salo plant of Valmet Automotive.

Recruiting 1,000 employees is a major joint undertaking

“Finland needs growth and new jobs. I’m very happy about the employment opportunities offered by Valmet Automotive and our opportunity to support successful recruitment,” says Anu Ahokas, CEO of the StaffPoint Group.

StaffPoint brings its extensive experience and efficient cross-sector cooperation to the project. “We are an expert partner in broad-based recruitment, including even the most challenging profiles. We also have long experience in recruiting professionals with foreign backgrounds, and we participate in their induction into working in Finland,” says Ahokas.

The open positions at Valmet Automotive are also listed on StaffPoint’s website. You can read more about the vacancies here

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