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Functional and performance management

Better pension risk management.


  • Workplace wellbeing and work ability are closely related. This also applies to developing and managing them. Both are the cornerstones of our business, and we offer an extensive service package for our customers.
  • Workplace wellbeing management focuses on early intervention, which includes various measures to maintain work ability. It's important to support employees in the various stages of their professional life cycles, such as:
  • Job rotation and preparing for it
  • Changing roles (e.g., filling in for someone and then returning to one’s own position)
  • Returning from parental leave
  • Returning from a long-term sick leave
  • Retirement
  • If a person’s work ability has already declined, we can help by offering guidance, working together with our customers and their pension companies.
  • Our specialist services include, for example:
  • Workplace wellbeing survey
  • Work ability coordinator
  • Vocational rehabilitation, finding a place for a work try-out, support during the try-out


  • Work ability management is at the core of HR.
  • We help to construe an extensive workplace wellbeing and workability package.
  • We explain the causes and effects of work ability management.
  • StaffPoint has wide experience of work ability management and close relations with employment pension companies and rehabilitation services (Kuntoutunet-services).