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Work rehabilitation

Our service provides supervisors with tools to promote workplace wellbeing in everyday work.


  • The aim of workplace wellbeing and functional and performance management services is to develop workplace wellbeing through leadership. Training programmes for supervisors include:
  • Inspiring and motivating employees
  • Giving positive and constructive feedback
  • Appreciative intervention
  • Intervention with poor coping skills and underachievement
  • Our other workplace wellbeing services include a workplace wellbeing survey, work ability coordinator, work try-out search and personal guidance.
  • Our services support employees and organisations, for example, in the following periods of transformation:
  • Organisational change
  • Changing of roles
  • Returning from parental leave or a long-term sick leave
  • Retirement


  • Our service helps organisations and employees overcome various periods of transition during the career life cycle.