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Job search and e-service guidance


  • We provide job search, e-service and career planning coaching and training also at TE office premises. The programme supports the TE office in changing the service culture and helps jobseekers navigate the modern multi-channel job search landscape.
  • We have provided the service successfully from 2013. Our job search coaches help and guide jobseekers in searching for jobs and using e-services in the Pirkanmaa, Uusimaa and North Ostrobothnia regions (altogether 40 people).
  • Annually, we provide some 200,000 individual or group guidance sessions. We also offer webinars on various themes related to job search. The number of jobseekers participating in webinars was 1,200 in 2016. The number of job search coaching sessions via our chat service was 550.


  • The experience of over 200,000 annual guidance sessions guarantees that our coaching is one of the best on the market both in quality and execution.