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Compensation consultation

Service is provided by StaffPoint Executive, and it utilises the latest and most profitable modeling principles.


  • Together with our global service partner Pedersen & Partners or, alternatively, with Finnish partners, we provide consultation on different compensation models and bonus systems.
  • Expert services are always tailored to customer needs and requirements.
  • At the core of the service is identifying and defining the parties to the compensation arrangement, the business objectives to be spurred on by the compensation and what constitutes a successful result, and recognising and resolving challenges related to compensation practices.
  • We always use recent, successful benchmarking targets that have been proven profitable on the basis of objective measurements, and apply them to the customer's business.
  • The service also includes a more long-term and far-reaching objective, and we follow its progress at agreed intervals.
  • The service is provided by StaffPoint Executive.


  • Our network provides us with extensive global and industry-specific benchmarking data on the options available.