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Consultation on HR and recruitment solutions

A comprehensive HR partner with 50 years of industry experience helps you choose the right solutions.


  • We provide comprehensive consultation services for our customers on developing HR operations, on competence strategies and on issues related to finding, leading and measuring competence.
  • We offer tailored advice on, for example, selecting the best HR and recruitment solutions for the customer’s business. To support the selection process, we decipher the cost, time and business benefits of the various options. We always supplement the service with our strong industry-specific experience.
  • We help plan and organise recruitment processes and procedures so that they provide the best possible support for business.
  • Together with our customers, we solve, for example, the following challenges related to competence acquisition: What is the best way to organise the recruitment process to ensure successful recruitment? Which stages can be handled by the organisation’s own HR specialists, which should be outsourced to HR partners?
  • We also offer expert consultation on recruitment visibility planning and utilising inbound marketing in recruitment.


  • Access to the benefits offered by our partnership with randstad.
  • As a strategic partner, we always have our customer’s best interests at heart.