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Outsourced Back office services

Outsourcing administrative duties allows the organisation’s key personnel to focus on tasks that develop the business and their own expertise.


  • We provide our customers with outsourced back office services from Spain, Estonia and Finland. The service is provided by StaffPoint’s permanent employees.
  • A back office solution often results from the reorganisation of the customer’s work processes: The customer specifies which tasks take the business forward and develop the key personnel’s competence, and which tasks can be outsourced to achieve time and cost benefits.
  • Our services include, e.g., Contact Center, sales support, data collection, bookkeeping and data storage, HR and accounting assistance services, services that support work and functional ability, recruitment services, marketing support, and various booking and appointment services.
  • Services are always tailored to needs and can be produced both for regular and recurring and for irregular needs.
  • Supervisory responsibility lies with StaffPoint or the customer, as agreed.
  • The service is invoiced as agreed: on a monthly basis, on an hourly basis or on an accrual basis.


  • Sensible outsourcing increases cost effectiveness.